Saturday, March 7, 2015

installing the Grey Matter E! board on the YAMAHA DX7 II


  1. I bought the E! board and i have some cartrigdes like the Decay Group, Michael Boddicker and some others but i don´t have any RAM. I saw in the manual that the last step is to load the RAM4 into the DX7. Can you please help me?
    Thank you once again

  2. If you have any tips or tricks that helps me to instal this please send me.
    Thank you

    1. The Grey Matter E! expanssion has 4 memory banks, you can load up to 256 patches, 128 Performances, and has Sequencer with up to 16 tracks, Octal Mode and more.

      The files includes are:

      3 SysEx (*.syx) ERAM1, ERAM2 and ERAM3 files extracted from original Grey Matter E! disk. Includes ALL Voices, Performances, 12 tone microtunings, ENGINE, and internal SE!quencer data (10 Songs and 32 Patterns.)

      7 SysEx (*.syx) banks from the Grey Matter E!, (bank 1 B not included, because the original E! disk came la that, with empty "INIT VOICE" from 33-64)

      Bank A (1 - 32)
      Bank B (33 -64)

      2 SysEx (*.syx) Performance Edit buf.syx and Performance INT.syx

    2. IMPORTANT!!! To properly initialize the E!quipped DX7II:
      First load a ROM Voice Cartridge into E!’s four memory banks (see
      pages 5 & 6 of the User’s manual.) Be sure to load WITH System. [On
      a DX7IIFD, you can also load an ERAM disk after you have loaded at
      least on bank with a cartridge. If there is already SE!quencer data
      stored in the ERAM, there will be no need to continue with the next
      paragraph - but don’t skip the final paragraph.]
      Next, press button 14 until the screen says “Load Program?” Move
      the cursor over to select SE!quencer and press YES (twice.) Once you
      are at the SE!quencer main menu, press button 4 to enter the
      Utilities mode. You want to press button 4 again to enter Global
      Utilities. Press button 1 to erase all SE!quencer memory and then
      press YES (this initializes all SE!quencer memory banks; if this is not
      done, SE!quencer’s RAM will be corrupt!) Press NO repeatedly to
      Exit and return to the DX7II Edit mode (when the LCD says “Are you
      sure?”, answer YES.)
      Finally, select any PERFORMANCE from Internal RAM to clear the
      Edit buffers. And that’s it!
      Note: on some DX’s, the EG Bias must be re-adjusted in order to initialize
      the controllers. If the user finds some Voices with little or no volume
      (particularly in the Octal mode) it could be that the EG settings have been
      altered due to E!’s installation

  3. Thank´s for your help!

    I still don´t understand why in the manual say:
    "Step 9 IMPORTANT!!! To properly initialize the E!quipped DX7II:
    First load a RAM4 cartridge into E!’s four memory banks (see pages 5 & 6 of the User’s manual.) Be sure to load WITH System...etc"

    May i load a Rom Voice Cartridge as you said or should i load the RAM as in the manual?

    Thank you very much and i sorry for all this doubts

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    1. :) thank you!
      more infos on my FB page:

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  5. I installed E! 1.20 on my DX7iiD - and i cannot edit velocity sensitivity anymore. I have to save and reload the patch or press edit 2x to activate any new velocity settings. Very annoying.
    Is this a common issue ? I did not find much about this problem.